marketing automation for startups

How to Choose The Right Marketing Automation Platform for Startup

Marketing automation is a must-have for startups to manage their marketing efforts. But, even though you may have heard that many startups are still struggling with the definition of marketing automation. What is features of marketing automation and why it is important for the startup in particular? Sometimes as a marketing consultant, I like to take a […]

marketing analytics consultant - Middle East - MENA -APAC

How a Marketing Analytics Consultant Can Solve Your Business Problems

In a data-first world, the marketing analytics is now becoming the process of connecting marketing function with the business intelligence. The demand for specialized marketing analytics consultant is becoming essential to bridge the gaps in marketing data and to extract business insights. The main question in every business -from a small start-up to a well-established […]

Marketing analytics strategy

5 Effective Tactics for Marketing Analytics Strategy

From a business manager’s perspective, successful results are achievable if a common objective and key performances are made clear across the organization. Marketing data analytics is one of the core competencies for data-influenced companies and play an effective role in connecting business objectives with consumer behavior’s data. The main purpose of organizations to create a marketing analytics […]

Arabic keyword research services

Top Tips for Professional Arabic Keyword Research

Arabic keyword research is always considered as the cornerstone of any SEO campaign, paid search and content strategy. To build a successful Arabic keyword list, you will need an effective research to understand the local search habits and the difference between spoken Arabic and written Arabic. Why Arabic Keywords Research is different With 22 countries […]

Marketing in the Middle East

Marketing in the Middle East: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Marketing in the Middle East is becoming the topic that everyone I know is talking about. It is not anymore a concern of only the companies. Everyone currently is having some sort of idea or services or even talent that they need to market. It is getting big and crazy a becoming a demand for […]

Arabic SEO Strategy Middle East Consultant

Arabic SEO Guide: How to Generate Organic Traffic in the Middle East

Arabic SEO is the most cost-effective approach to generate organic traffic in the Middle East region. Building a sustainable long-term organic reach is a cornerstone of every marketing strategy and that’s why Arabic SEO will be always the key access to online acquisition in the Middle East. In the Arabic region, there are an estimated 146 […]

AI Marketing Clouds

AI and Marketing Cloud Technologies: Why The Gap is Still Big?

The science of marketing is becoming more complicated and sophisticated in the last few years which left us with unpredictable scenarios for the future. In marketing industry, I believe the 3 fundamental key areas are human psychology and how the consumer behavior evolved, the commerce trends and finally, and most importantly, the technology. Today’s technologies, […]

Digital Media Middle East

Overview: Digital Media in the Middle East, 2017

The Middle East might be one of the most unclear spots for statistics along with African countries. Recently we started to witness some brilliant efforts from institutes and organization releasing effective and accurate statistics for the region. The Northwestern University in Qatar recently released the survey “Media use in the Middles East, 2017”.  Below are […]

Marketing Analyst vs Data Scientist

Marketing Analyst vs Data Scientist: What’s The Main Difference?

While data doesn’t come in neat little packages, ready to answer the questions marketers concerned about, the demand for sufficient marketing data is the main factor that is shaping the roles of marketing analytics field. With is a huge potential for connecting the dots between data and marketing activities inside all types of organizations, the rise […]

Programmatic APAC 2017

The State of Programmatic Advertising in APAC in 2017

In APAC, programmatic is still in its early stage in several emerging markets, but more mature markets are beginning to compete with the US market adoption rates. It is critical to have a different analysis for the APAC market based on the diversity of the region. The findings could vary within the region which requires […]


How the Facebook’s Latest Update Will Change Your Social Media Marketing

New year’s first big news came from Facebook. This week Facebook announced a drastic change to their newsfeed algorithm. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the users will see a lot fewer posts from business pages and more content from their friends and family. As Facebook revamps its news feed, marketers should change the way they build their social […]

Marketing Analytics Foundation Consultant

The Foundation of Marketing Analytics: From Challenges to Process to Profit

Marketing analytics is the process of comprising data and technologies to establish trackable metrics and data-driven marketing activities. The main function of marketing analytics is to import the business metrics, such as ROI, and marketing attribution into the core of marketing game. In other words, the analytics job is to gathers data from across all […]

Marketing funnel strategy

7 Advanced Strategies to Improve The Marketing Funnel

While the consumer journey today doesn’t look a lot like a funnel, it’s still critical to plan your communications and activities in multiple stages. The major mistake you can make is to plan each phase in a silo, and not figure out how to design and analyze each phase? how they’re connected? and how the […]

Egypt digital report 2017

2017 Trends Report: The Top Online Statistics in Egypt

Egypt had the most significant growth in internet users and social media in 2017. This report is providing an overview of the top online stats and trends collected from the most recent releases and annual reports. Let’s start with the top highlights and an infographic which illustrates the year in figures. Highlights of 2017: Online […]

Data-Savvy Marketers

How To Shift Your Marketing Team Into Data-Savvy Marketers?

To stay competitive in today’s data-first world, everyone in your marketing department—marketing data analyst or not—should know how to analyze and interpret marketing data, from customer insights and performance figures to overall ROI. Marketing is at a crossroads, and now is the time for digital to stop monitoring and dive into data to extract more efficient […]

marketing data science

How To Shift Your Marketing Team to Data Science and Marketing Technology?

Data-driven marketing has transformed from an innovative approach to a fundamental part of digital marketing, performance, automation and most importantly business strategy. A few years ago, most of the digital marketers were more artists than scientists. Although creative thinking is one of the most required talents in the marketers but let me tell you, the future […]


Infographic: The Latest Facebook Statistics For MEA – Released November 2017

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) reported financial results for the 3rd quarter of 2017. The social media giant released the third quarter 2017 results on November 1, 2017. The following statistics highlight some of the top Facebook statistics in the MEA region (The Middle East & Africa): Facebook Statistics for MEA region Daily active users: 160 […]

Marketing AI and Machine learning

The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

The hottest topics that everyone is talking about right now are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and often seem to be mysterious terms for many people. AI and Machine learning are not quite the same, but since the majority of new trends in technology are using these terms can sometimes lead to some […]

digital marketing startegy

How Agencies Should Sell Digital Marketing Strategy to Clients

Digital marketing agencies know the pain of submitting digital marketing strategy proposals, RFPs and vying for new clients. That process is both time-consuming due to the extensive research and often ineffective, especially when the resulting contracts do not lead to long-term business deals. I consider selling digital marketing strategy to clients as one of the […]

digital advertising middle east

An Overview of Digital Advertising in the Middle East [Infographic]

Over the last few years, the Middle East had a small share in the global digital advertising expenditure. I made a research to dig deep into the current figures and the stats of 2011 to 2017 to better understand the landscape of the digital advertising in the Middle East including market trends and the status. […]