Arabic Keyword Research

Arabic Keyword Research and SEO Localization 

Arabic keyword research is the most important step for a successful Arabic SEO strategy. Over the last 13 years, I worked with over 50 websites in the Middle East on Arabic SEO strategy. My extensive SEO services for the Arabic language includes a comprehensive keyword research in Arabic and keyword localization services.

Arabic Keyword Research Services

  • Collecting Seed Keywords: Identifying the initial keywords that are relevant to business objectives. The list is mainly created by the business owner to define their niche and to identify the local competitors.
  • Keywords Exploring: Expanding the initial list by using keywords tools in order to collect proper key terms based on search volume and relevancy.
  • Keyword Categorization: Dividing the Arabic keywords based on different categories (Branded Keywords, Industry Keywords, Transactional Keywords, Informative Keywords).
  • Keywords Types: Allocating keywords based on the types variation (Long tail keywords, Short Tail Keywords)
  • Keywords Priorities: Setting up the keywords priorities based on volume, level of competition, relevancy to services/products, relevancy to landing pages, bidding rate and more.
  • Keywords Tracking: Implementing the keywords tracking tools and assigning keywords to the dedicated landing pages.
  • Keywords strategy: Providing an Arabic keywords strategy for Organic SEO and PPC for each market.
The Best Practices for Arabic Keyword Localization:
  • Localizing keywords in Arabic (Not translation) by conducting a culture customization for each market based on the local dialects.
  • Conducting an extensive research in the local market in order to define the proper Arabic keywords used by the local consumer.
  • Defining the top relevant keywords for the Arabic consumer whether it is a local term, transcreation or transcripted.
  • Expanding the localized list by adding relevant local seasons, holidays, and trends that are required from the digital campaign managers.
  • Setting up the localized Arabic keywords into different categories based on marketing and advertising landscape for each market and the most effective tactics.
  • Building SEO-based PR and content marketing strategy for each target market.
Consulting Services
If you want to start putting your Arabic digital marketing approach into the right action plan, contact me for consulting and discussing the opportunity.