Marketing Performance Consulting

Marketing Performance is the core of managing the marketing effectiveness. The market believes that marketing performance is the new definition of advertising. As a marketing performance consultant I provide a strategic analysis and auditing for the advertising channels to compare the results against the set objectives.

Marketing Performance Consulting

Managing the consultation of Digital Marketing Performance includes a set of tactics and strategic operations. 

  • Performance Marketing Strategy
  • Account Auditing
  • Optimization Plan
  • Advertising Technology Integration (AdTech)
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Performance and marketing analytics strategy

Marketing Performance Services

The Role of Marketing Performance Consultation: 

Marketing performance consultant as a role is a practice that became popular in the late 2010s. Due to the complexity of digital advertising channels and measuring the performance in more strategic approach, the auditing of digital advertising is becoming a necessity. Performance marketing consulting is a practice that evolved from the marketing strategy discipline. The challenge of performance strategy is influenced by the evolving tech in Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, Programmatic and many other channels. While companies are challenged by technology and analytical capabilities, they are facing  several issues of in-house management of performance team as well as digital agencies. Hiring a performance consultant can benefit the stake holders with conducting a systems-thinking approach to resolving performance problems. Marketing performance consulting acknowledges that there are other tech and business factors that affect one’s performance. While marketing performance team helps to build knowledge and skills, performance consulting takes a more strategic thinking approach to investigate and identify other gaps in advertising funnel that may degrade one’s performance.

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