Marketing Coaching for Professionals

Start one to one training to extend your digital marketing experience and overcome the challenges. This digital marketing training is customized program for digital marketing professionals, marketing analysts, senior managers and CMOs. Build your own training based on your actual needs and get personal coaching to help solving the problems.

Over the past 10 years, I helped marketing professionals and teams across different brands and agencies to overcome their marketing problems. My training provided a boost to their marketing performance and assisted digital marketers to enhance their skills and secure their career in the field. Whether you are looking to learn best practices or demanding live sessions to solve actual case studies, I provide extensive digital marketing coaching customized for your case and problem solving demonstrations. 

Marketing Analytics Training

This program is for marketing professionals who need to expand their analytical skills and learn how to approach data-driven marketing strategy and campaigns.

Why Do You Need Marketing Coach?

  • Enhancing your digital marketing career by learning the best practices 0f each digital channel 
  • Mastering data-driven marketing by learning marketing analytics techniques and tools
  • Learning how to fix the gaps in your digital marketing strategy and audit the marketing channels
  • Managing marketing resources and enabling marketing technology tools and automation process

Who Need Marketing Coaching?

  • Digital marketing executives who want to improve their career path and tap into new areas such as Analytics, Marketing Automation, MarTech and Performance 
  • Startup owners who want to learn how to build a marketing strategy, Growth TechStack, Growth Hacking
  • Senior marketing managers and CMOs who need to explore the latest digital practices, assessing performance, managing data-driven strategy

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