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Arabic SEO Services and Arabic Keyword Research

Arabic SEO Services and Arabic keyword research are the essential steps to build an effective marketing presence in the Middle East. We provide extensive SEO strategy which not limited to optimization, but expand to cover Arabic content strategy, comprehensive Arabic keyword research, keyword localization, and SEO audit.

SEO Services

SEO Strategy

Complete Arabic SEO Strategy based on extensive analysis

Keyword Research

Extensive Arabic keyword research, filtering and Arabic localization


Optimization plan of On-Page, On-Site SEO and content optimization

Content Strategy

SEO copywriting, content recommendations, website structure audit

SEO Process

  • SEO Analysis

    • Conduct an extensive SEO analysis and audit to review the website organic performance and extract the gaps and issues to fix
    • Setup Google Search Console and review website and server settings
    • Develop an SEO strategy by defining the target consumer search habits, target local markets and content strategy
    • Run a keyword research for Arabic and other languages and review the final keyword list with stakeholders in order to align with the business objectives and the provided services

  • SEO Optimization

    • Develop unique meta tags for website pages based on the targeted keywords
    • Implement On-Page optimization with customization of HTML tags, Alt Images, Subheadings
    • Improve the content quality by conducting a content copywriting, keywords implementation, distribution and density
    • Run website wide optimization by implementing on-site configurations including link structure, mobile optimization, minifying scripts, optimizing page load and snippets
    • Register a Google Business account and index local addresses

  • SEO Management

    • QA and post-optimization analysis to check the SEO quality and run extra enhancement
    • Provide a full report on the performance achievements and ranking improvements
    • Develop a content plan with recommendations for content development and keywords to target

  • Training

    • Run a training and orientation for the team and provide SEO management according to the marketing timeframe

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What is different about Arabic SEO

The Arabic language is the spoken language of 25 countries that extend from the Arabic Gulf all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. While Standard Arabic is the official language of education and business communication, there are so many dialects and cultural differences between Arabic countries.

  • Arabic SEO conversionDifferent search habits: The audience across Arabic countries have different local slangs and definitions, culture, and purchasing habits. Therefore, it is important to define your target markets before running keyword research on conducting a website copywriting.
  • Diversity in consumer persona: The Arabs are not considered as one type of consumer. Purchasing power and shopping habits change rapidly between markets such as GCC and Egypt or Morocco or Lebanon. The SEO content should address the consumer before stepping into optimization. This diverse market requires professional Arabic SEO services that can address the consumer persona and optimize according to it.
  • Arabic technical barriers: the Arabic language is well known for technical problems such as issues with UX, scripts, and even Google Search. Google search engine had tremendous efforts to enhance its Arabic algorithm. However, there is some gaps that require sophisticated Arabic SEO expert to address any potential issues with internal linking and technical SEO.
  • Localization is not an easy task: Translating into Arabic requires a high-quality translation agency. However, translators might use complicated terms that are not suitable for easy reading and online users. Localization requires extensive country-based keyword research to understand the popularity of terms as well as proper culture customization. Arabic websites require complete modifications to be able to address the local consumer and convert them. Arabic SEO services is a must in the process, and it provides a great help in customizing the experience for a better online journey that really match the customer search habits.
  • Lack of quality content: The most common issues with Arabic SEO that companies are not investing in creating original content. Even local companies invest in creating a smaller version of their English website. Arabic SEO requires extensive content in order to achieve better rank which companies doesn’t provide
  • Collecting Seed Keywords: Identifying the initial keywords that are relevant to business objectives. The list is mainly created by the business owner to define their niche and to identify the local competitors.
  • Keywords Exploring: Expanding the initial list by using keywords tools in order to collect proper key terms based on search volume and relevancy.
  • Keyword Categorization: Dividing the Arabic keywords based on different categories (Branded Keywords, Industry Keywords, Transactional Keywords, Informative Keywords).
  • Keywords Types: Allocating keywords based on the variation of the type (Long-tail keywords, Short Tail Keywords)
  • Keywords Priorities: Setting up the keywords priorities based on volume, level of competition, relevancy to services/products, relevancy to landing pages, bidding rate, and more.
  • Keywords Tracking: Implementing the keywords tracking tools and assigning keywords to the dedicated landing pages.
  • Keywords Strategy: Providing an Arabic keywords strategy for Organic SEO and PPC for each market.
  • Localizing keywords in Arabic (Not translation) by conducting culture customization for each market based on the local dialects.
  • Conducting extensive research in the local market in order to define the proper Arabic keywords used by the local consumer.
  • Defining the top relevant keywords for the Arabic consumer whether it is a local term, transcreation, or transcripted.
  • Expanding the localized list by adding relevant local seasons, holidays, and trends that are required from the digital campaign managers.
  • Setting up the localized Arabic keywords into different categories based on marketing and advertising landscape for each market and the most effective tactics.
  • Building SEO-based PR and content marketing strategies for each target market.