Google Analytics Consultant

Google Analytics Consultant

As a Google Analytics Consultant I provide a custom-tailored service designed to provide effective data insights to help business managers and marketers to make accurate decisions. I factor in your unique business goals to setup and optimize your GA account, provide reliable access to marketing data analytics, and build confidence in your marketing decisions.

As Google Analytics certified, with over 14 years of experience, I helped agencies to translate the business goals into a sufficient GA integration and effective conversion tracking. Specialized in developing a cost-effective implementation strategy and increasing the efficiency of content performance and user journey tracking.
google analytics consultant

Google Analytics Consulting Services

The Google Analytic Consulting provides a strategic and customized implementation to provide the most valuable tracking reports.

  • Analytics Strategy

    The strategy starts with collecting the business objectives and conducting a Google Analytics Audit to ensure the accuracy of the GA implementation. The strategy will be developed based on the business needs for reports, metrics, and custom dimensions.

  • Implementation

    As a Google Analytics consultant, I work with your team in setting up the GA account and all the required integrations with the website, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Attribution Model, BigQuery, CRM, and other solutions from the marketing technology stack.

  • Optimization Process

    Providing continuous consulting across the process of data analysis and providing insights that lead to action. Reviewing reports and providing key insights for tracking phase.

  • Training and Support

    Providing ongoing education and training for your marketing team to enhance their knowledge of digital marketing analytics.

  • Google Analytics Maintenance

    Enhancing the Google Analytics is an ongoing process. With every website major updates and changes in marketing strategy, it is important to revisit the Google Analytics. settings and review if the reports is fully tracking the KPIs. The Google Analytics Consultant is a long-term collaboration which assist in maintaining the reports and Google Analytics settings.

  • Google Analytics Standard: Setting up GA implementation, customized reports, and metrics dimensions
  • Google Analytics 360 Suite: Enterprise Analytics with implementation, support and comprehensive consulting.

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