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Google Tage Manager Consultant

I help businesses to exceed in tracking their digital channels.

A cost-effective practice to unlock the value of the data and to drive competitive advantage and accelerate growth. As a Google Tag Manager consultant, I provide comprehensive GTM services including setting up GTM account, integration of tracking pixels and auditing services.

Google Tag Manager services

  • Setting up Google Tag Manager Account
  • Data Layers
  • Goal conversion tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Google Ads tracking
  • Phone Call tracking
  • YouTube Video Tracking
  • Tracking Pixels for Facebook
  • Scroll Tracking
  • Custom metrics
  • Custom dimensions
  • Debugging/troubleshooting

The integration of Google Tag Manager requires a combination of marketing experiences and technical skills. Initially, the consultation is not limited to establishing the GTM account and tracking pixels, the process requires an efficient analysis of the marketing channels and business requirements. 

The Google Tag Manager consulting includes different aspects of services such as tagging configuration, TMS selection, tag migration, implementation, deployment, debugging,  audit, maintenance,  analysis, and training.

The importance of establishing an efficient tracking system

1. Centralized. GTM allows the marketing team to track multiple channels in one place. It is cost-effective for management to avoid managing several platforms and debug the code in different places. The deployment of Google Tag Manager allows the marketing to easily handle the tracking of marketing activities.

2. Multichannel.   

3. Debug features. The GTM’s debug provides testing features for each update on the website prior to the launch, ensuring that your tracking tags and pixels work properly.

4. Control. Every change creates a new version that allows to rollback. This is ideal for troubleshooting. Additionally, there are several built-in tags for Google Ads and Google Analytics remarketing.

6. Managing permissions. GTM makes it easy to set permissions for individual users and control internally who has the ability to make changes to the website and assist with creating tags, macros, and rules.

7. Event tracking. The feature of the auto-event tracking allows to target links or buttons by attributes or by creating a standardized naming structure.

Google Tag Manager Role in Marketing Analytics

Google Tag Manager is an essential tool provided by Google Marketing Cloud. It is popular among digital marketing professionals since it is a free tool and easy to use. The GTM configuration requires technical skills for testing and debugging. The tool allows integrating all tracking pixels from different channels such as website analytics, Facebook, Google Ads and more in one place.  The importance of testing conversion tracking can prevent inconsistency in tracking data. 

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