Market Research & Segment Analysis

The market research is the fundamental step to build an effective digital marketing strategy. The market research services act as a bridge between the consumer, the marketplace and the businesses with an effective analysis of the relationship. My customized market research process is designed according to the customers' goals, conveying research parameters prior to beginning data collection to ensure the accuracy of the outcomes. The market research service is the art of acquiring information and insightful patterns for your digital marketing strategy and action plan.

The Market Research Process

  1. Receive essential information (Questionaries, Briefing)
  2. Define the research objectives (Business needs, Metrics, KPIs)
  3. Develop the research plan (Data sources, Tools)
  4. Analyze and collect the information (Data Correlations, Competitive Analysis, Segmentation Analysis)
  5. Providing the market research and segmentation analysis (Insights, Reports, Guidelines)

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Market Research Consulting

  • Identify and classify products direction, industries, segments and local/global markets (Market Strategy)
  • Identify products unique value proposition USPs and develop a market plan (Rollout plan)
  • Identifying Buyers personas, market trends, competitive analysis
  • Preparing briefs (sample reports, questionnaire, guidelines, KPIs, timing) to agencies
  • Supervising the execution of the research projects
  • Communicating the results to stakeholders / connecting dots with findings from other sources

Key features

  • Tailoring approaches to end-clients’ needs and prepare briefs accordingly
  • Clients’ expectations management
  • Budget negotiation
  • Agency work supervision
  • Controlling the reporting quality
  • Qualitative and Quantitative research approaches

Global and local Market Research

Specialized in four global markets with advanced experience in local markets

  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • Arabic Region and GCC (MENA)
  • Asia Pacific markets (APAC)
  • USA and North America.