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Marketing Analytics Consultant 

As a marketing analytics consultant, I help businesses to establish a data-driven marketing department by providing a custom-tailor strategy and optimization plan. I provide marketing consulting to enhance the data resources integration, connect the data patterns, improve reporting systems, and empower stakeholders to stay in the center of your performance.

Marketing Analytics Features and Capabilities

Marketing Analytics enables effective learning and expanding marketing capabilities in order to control marketing performance.
  • Customer intelligence & segmentation
  • Multi-Channel tracking, Cross-channel, Cross-device
  • Attribution modeling
  • Revenue funnel analysis and marketing performance
  • Campaign analysis, content analysis, CRO and A/B testing
  • Advertising analysis, budget control, ROAS analysis
  • SEO and organic analysis
  • Social media listening and analysis
  • Forecasting, Optimization & predictive analytics
  • Market research and competitive analysis

Digital Marketing Analytics Consultant

Providing analytics consultation for businesses by identifying the relationship between business objectives and data metrics, proactively identify opportunities and threats, and leverage actionable insights.

  • Develop a digital marketing analytics strategy, specific to your industry and organization KPIs.
  • Deliver a technical plan for analytics infrastructure for your platform, cloud, and tools.
  • Tailor your reporting system and dashboards to your business.
  • Support your data team with ongoing business needs and analytic system maintenance.

Marketing Intelligence 

  • Goals and objectives: Identifying the business objectives and building the required marketing KPIs. Establishing the projected targets and the required metrics to manage marketing performance.
  • Data management: Reviewing data sources and setting up the technical integration for data collection.
  • Analysis and reporting: Setting up the required reporting system, timeframes, performance metrics, and dimensions. Providing Google Analytics consulting and Marketing Technology strategy.
  • Marketing dashboard: Creating the marketing dashboards using visualizations and data models that clearly communicate marketing results along with strategic insights and business goals.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Marketing Analytics 

  • Business Discovery: Business Objective, Opportunity/Threat Identification, Competitive Analysis
  • Organization Analytics: CRM & Offline data, Sales Analytics, Brand Equity, Consumer Analysis, Retention/Churn Analysis
  • Marketing Analytics: Marketing Dashboard, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), Marketing Performance, KPIs and ROI Analysis
  • Online Analytics: Website Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Attribution Modeling, Channels Analytics (Paid and Organic)

marketing analytics process

The Impact of Marketing Analytics on Business

  1. Customer Intelligence: Understand your consumer journey and target audience
  2. Market and Competetive Analysis: Identify the market opportunities, situation analysis, and competitors 
  3. Marketing Performance: Measure the performance of your marketing activities, brand metrics, channels, campaigns, and marketing ROI
  4. Data-Driven Strategy: Build your marketing strategy based on actual data and effective measurements. Monitor current trends and predict future trends
  5. Forecasting and Prediction: Use data to extract prediction models and  the future course of action

Marketing Analytic tools

As a marketing analytics consultant, I provide support for a set of marketing clouds and analytic tools including:

  • Marketing platforms: Google Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, SalesForce, HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Nielsen marketing cloud
  • Analytic platforms: Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics,  Google Data Studio, Supermetrics, Tableau, Power BI, Kissmetrics, MOZ, SEMRush
  • Advertising platforms: Google Ads, AdRoll, Criteo, Kenshoo, Facebook Advertising,
Marketing Analytics Consultant

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