Google Ads

Google Ads Auditing

Google Ads audit provides a full analysis of the Google Ads Account which includes Account Structure, Campaigns Settings, Audiences, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords, Bidding and Scheduling.

The audit process allows companies and marketing managers to identify the performance issues and provides a detailed optimization plan as well as professional guidelines to enhance the CPA and CPC.

Setting the strategic objectives

Google PPC Ads should be reviewed in the context of the marketing strategy. Analyzing the overall objectives of the marketing performance allows setting up the right budget, keywords, and cost per acquisition. After extracting the required insights, the account objectives will be determined effectively.

Check the campaigns settings and structure

The Googles Ads audit process includes a full review of the campaign settings, locations, devices, Ad Schedule. Additionally, it is crucial to review the conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager and make sure the website conversions are accurately connected to the Google Ads.

Analysis of the campaigns and Ad groups

By extracting the data and running a full analysis, the Google PPC audit provides a complete insight of the active campaigns and historical data over time. The analytic process provides tables and charts which highlight the performance metrics in order to explain the gaps and areas for improvements. The report provides detailed insights of the budget, bidding strategy, quality score, and extensions.

Ads report

the report provides recommendations regarding Ad copies, UTM tracking, call to action and landing pages optimization.

Keyword research report

Reviewing keywords allow extracting extensive insights into the search terms, negative keywords, keyword research, and match types. The report provides insights on the keyword as well as analysis of keywords big, search volume and performance.

Analysis of the performance

Running an extensive analysis of the performance metrics in order to set up the best practices for the reporting, metrics tracking as well as setting up a dashboard.

Bidding strategy

The audit process provides recommendations for manual and automated bidding in order to enhance the ROAS and spending.

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